40 years anniversary projects

40th anniversary book “Judaism and Homosexuality : 40 years of History with the Beit Haverim”

Livre Beit Haverim "Judaïsme et Homosexualité"This activist book goes back 40 years to describe how a handfull of Ashkenazi Jews decided in 1977 to create the small group that eventually became the Beit Haverim. Crossing decades, the organization never stopped fighting for the recognition of LGBTs’ rights.

What are the keys to fully living your Jewish identity when you are also a gay, lesbian or transgender person? The important progress that has been made unfortunately cannot hide the anti-LGBT hatred of a part of the Jewish community.

In the midst of this turmoil, the Beit Haverim is an oasis where its members can stay connected to Judaism without having to fear or hide from others’ watchful judgement.

2017 calendar
calendrier gay beit haverim juif lgbtThe Beit Haverim’s calendar is the first of the French Jewish LGBT community entirely made by and featuring its volunteers. The aim is to bring into the open all the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons who are part of it. Through 13 inspired pictures, this calendar clearly demonstrates how deeply committed we feel about both aspects of our identity as Jewish and LGBT.

Beit Haverim roundtable at Limoud
Limoud is the Forum for Jewish Life. The two transgender persons on the Beit Haverim Board organized a roundtable on the topic of “The Crossing People: Judaïsm and Transidentity” with the Massorti rabbi Y. Dalsace.

Inter-religious Shabaton
The Beit Haverim invited LGBT organizations to an inter-religious Shabaton: David & Jonathan (Catholic), Shams France (North Africa and Middle-East); Carrefour des Chrétiens Incusifs (Protestant) and the Buddists of the Peakless Mountain community.

Video clip : The Queens of Purim
This video clip advocates for greater mutual understanding and respect.LGBTs are no longer willing to hide, or choose between religion and a happy sexual orientation or identity. This video aims at starting a debate in a fun and light-hearted way.

An exceptional movie night
"Tied hands" de Dan WolmanIn partnership with Cinetov, an Israeli week-long film festival, the Beit Haverim showcased « Tied Hands », so far unreleased in France and in the presence of its director Dan Wolman, the first to feature homosexuality on the silver screen in Israel.

Paris Pride Parade
For the 40th anniversary of the Pride Parade, the Beit Haverim’s truck was much appreciated and spread lots of joy with upbeat Middle-Eastern music. It is a fantastic means of communication to show the LGBTs among the Jews, but also the Jews among the LGBTs.