Welcome to Beit Haverim

World Congress of GLBT Jews’ 23rd Conference in Paris

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If you are an English-speaking gay, lesbian, bi or transgendered person, or friendly to those identities, you are welcome to visit us at the HOUSE OF THE BEIT HAVERIM, the cozy place we call home and which houses most of our activities. Occasionally we also join events organized by other Jewish or LGBT organisations.

Whether you are living in Paris or just travelling here for a bit, feel free to join us to meet people and have a good time!

BEIT HAVERIM means ‘House of Friends’ in Hebrew. It is France’s Jewish gay and lesbian group. It was started in 1977, which makes it one of the oldest LGBT organizations in the country. We get together in a spirit of openness and diversity. Over 1.700 people are in touch with us, Jewish or not, LGBT or not.

The aims of the BEIT HAVERIM are threefold:

The idea is to enjoy each other’s company and fulfill social needs through social gatherings.

We have a movie club to show movies on LGBT and/or Jewish themes.
We party in Sunday evening Tea Dances that take place following the Jewish calendar.
We have cultural outings to see exhibits and theater plays.
We have a group for ‘the Youngsters’ (18-30 years old).
Girls also have a monthly afterwork dinner in addition to other outings in Paris.
The last Thursday of every month, we hold our ‘Social Evening’, where everyone brings something kosher to eat (meat or Parve, no dairy!) and drink,
and it’s a fun time to welcome newcomers, chat about the world, and laugh a lot.

We proudly carry our dual identity as Jews and as LGBT persons.

The BEIT HAVERIM offers a space for people who find themselves in times of doubt or personal difficulty to meet others who have faced similar issues and overcome them.

During the Paris Pride Parade, held every year the last Saturday in June, our truck proudly exhibits a big Star of David for all to know who we are!

The BEIT HAVERIM is part of the fights against homophobia and anti-Semitism.

Our organization is in touch with the Jewish community and with other LGBT organizations in order to make Jewish issues accepted among the LGBT groups, and vice-versa.

We are a member of the Inter-LGBT, a federation of numerous LGBT organizations.

We have organized trips to Israel and the Palestinian Territories with Christian and Muslim LGBT groups, and taken part in the Tel Aviv Pride Parade.
The BEIT HAVERIM shares universal human rights values and seeks to enable peaceful living among people of varying origins and political bends.


– publish a monthly newsletter, a recap of upcoming activities
– meet with government entities
– meet with Jewish institutions
– take part in the PARIS GAY PRIDE
– take part in French LGBT events and gatherings
– celebrate Shabbos and Jewish holidays
– organize debates and roundtables about Judaism and Homosexuality
– provide modern Hebrew lessons through an Oulpan
– have a movie club
– organize big parties
– organize trips and week-ends

We also invite you to read the interview of Beit Haverim’s président on AWiderBridge’s site.